How to Prep Your Family for Your LASIK Procedure

September 28, 2017

Unlike many surgical procedures, LASIK is a quick, virtually pain-free process with a speedy recovery time. If you prepare your family to come alongside you during your procedure and healing period, you’ll further reduce any chances of discomfort.

In the weeks and days before your LASIK procedure approaches, you can help your family help you by telling them what they should expect. With preparation, you will find your LASIK experience to be a smooth transition to better vision and a better way of life.

1) Arrange Transportation

You will need to have a friend or family member drive you to your appointment and take you back home after the procedure. Don’t bother arranging for a separate drop-off and pickup; the procedure rarely takes longer than fifteen minutes! Time in the recovery room varies with each individual, so prepare your ride to be available for a total timeframe of 1-2 hours. 


How to Prep Your Family for Your LASIK Procedure: Arrange Transportation

You will also need to arrange for transportation to the doctor the next day, as you will not be permitted to drive until you get clearance from your doctor to do so. The majority of patients find themselves resuming all normal activity within 24 hours of the procedure.

2) Get Help Around the House

The more help you can get 1-2 days following your LASIK procedure, the quicker your recovery. On surgery day, you should plan for nothing but a long nap after arriving home. Avoid passing the time in front of devices or television screens; your eyes need to rest and heal. Enlist family members to make dinner or order takeout so that you can focus on a speedy recovery.

3) Stay Cautious with Your Activities

As you make plans for the days and weeks following surgery, err on the side of taking it easy. Make sure your family understands that horseplay can result in your eyes getting rubbed or scratched, inhibiting proper healing. You should also avoid swimming, diving, or soaking in hot tubs for a month. While you should have no problem maintaining your normal daily activities, this may not be the best time to plan that skydiving or mountain climbing adventure!


How to Prep Your Family for Your LASIK Procedure: Stay Cautious with Your Plans

4) Keep Their Expectations Realistic

The vast majority of LASIK patients return to normal activities within 24 hours. The vast majority also experience markedly improved vision in the same short time period. However, it’s important for your family to understand that every pair of eyes is different. You may feel and see great right away, or you may need some extra time to recover and get on track. Mutual flexibility and listening are key to making your LASIK experience positive for everyone. 

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