Does LASIK wear out? What to expect from today's LASIK procedures.

February 7, 2018

LASIK surgery is an important investment in better vision, comfort, and lifestyle. Understandably, you want to make sure the procedure affords you significantly improved eyesight with the staying power to keep you lens free for years to come.

Today’s LASIK procedures take just a few minutes, but they are designed to last a lifetime. The effects of the surgery do not “wear out,” and the vast majority of patients do not need to return for repeat procedures. There are certain situations, however, when patients may need to supplement their original procedure with an enhancement or corrective lenses in order to keep their vision at its sharpest.

A small percentage of LASIK patients–less than 10 percent–may experience some mild regression after surgery. These regressions do not indicate that the procedure lost its effectiveness; rather, they show that the original procedure may need “touching up” to correct unforeseen changes to the eye. Most surgeons will be able to tell within a few months if a patient needs an enhancement, and typically these procedures are done free of charge. 

In other cases, LASIK patients may find themselves needing corrective lenses down the road. Age-related vision change is a separate issue from the nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism that prompt people to seek LASIK in earlier adulthood.

Starting in their 40s, most people develop presbyopia, or Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome. These changes to the natural lens of the eye require reading glasses in the majority of people, whether or not they received LASIK in the past.

Does LASIK wear out? What to expect from today's LASIK procedures. | Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye & Laser Centre in Ashland, Ohio

Patients who receive LASIK as younger adults, however, will have the advantage of enjoying decades of living without any corrective lenses.

Although LASIK surgeons can’t provide a 100% guarantee of unchanging, 20/20 vision, the procedure is a safe, lasting solution to the majority of vision problems that occur before the onset of presbyopia. Contact Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye and Laser Centre today to see if LASIK treatment is right for you.

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