What You Should Expect After LASIK

June 7, 2018

LASIK is a quick, virtually pain-free process with a short recovery time...not to mention the big added bonus of seeing better without corrective lenses! While you will probably be pleasantly surprised with the ease of the healing process, you can make your experience even smoother by knowing what to expect after the procedure. Prepare for better vision and a better life with these post-LASIK tips.

1. Expect Uncomfortable Eyes… but not for Long!

Your eye may feel a little weird right after the procedure–burning, itching, watering, or just “off,” like there’s something in it. You may also experience some hazy or blurry vision for a day or two, along with sensitivity to light. While most people experience very mild, if any, pain, you may take a pain reliever at the suggestion of your doctor. What’s most important is leaving your eye alone. The “something in your eye” that you may be feeling is the small flap formed during surgery. Resist the urge to rub it, which may dislodge it and require another procedure. If for any reason you experience severe pain or vision that worsens after a day or two, contact your doctor immediately.

2. Arrange for Help for the First 1-2 Days

For the first day or two after LASIK, you will need to enlist the help of a friend or family member to assist with transportation and activities around the house. Not only will you need someone to drive you to your appointment, wait for your procedure and recovery (a total timeframe of 1-2 hours), and drive you home, but you will need to arrange for transportation to the doctor the next day. Your doctor will not permit you to drive until giving you clearance to do so.

Once you get home, plan on resting for a day or two. Take naps and allow your eyes to rest and heal. Ask family members to cook and keep up with daily tasks so you can focus on recovery. The good news? The majority of patients find themselves resuming all normal activity within 24 hours of the procedure.

3. Keep Realistic Expectations

The vast majority of patients resume normal activity–and experience markedly improved vision–within a day or two. However, remember that every pair of eyes is different, and you may need some extra time to recover. Remove the pressure from yourself and err on the side of taking it easy for the days and weeks following surgery. You will also want to avoid swimming, diving, soaking in hot tubs, and contact sports for a month or so to avoid rubbing or scratching your “new” eyes!

The FDA suggests following these practices in the days and weeks after surgery.

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