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Cataracts treatment options

Eye issues like cataracts have problems that extend far beyond the physical. Your safety during night driving might be at risk, due to the appearance of halos around lights at night. An outing with family and friends may end prematurely due to painful light sensitivity. You may struggle to read the books you once enjoyed, now that you have blurry vision. Here at the Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye and Laser Centre, we truly understand how pervasive these symptoms can be, and we're committed to restoring your quality of life through excellence in vision care.

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Don't Let Cataracts Hold You Back

A cataract isn't merely an inconvenience, it's a serious medical issue that should be addressed and treated as soon as possible. Symptoms such as cloudy vision or double vision will eventually worsen, making it hard to see fine detail or recognize familiar surroundings. Cataracts do not heal themselves or disappear on their own; the best way to fix cataracts is calling The Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye and Laser Centre to make an appointment with one of our skilled doctors.

The longer a cataract patient delays receiving appropriate eye care, the greater the chance that he or she will experience potentially permanent vision damage - so don't wait: we're here to help.

Options for Cataract Symptoms

It's only natural to seek immediate help if you suspect you have cataracts. No one wants to spend the rest of their lives seeing faded or dull colors, or struggling to see the faces of loved ones, after all. Our caring staff will examine your condition in detail, explaining your options and working with your needs, lifestyle and budget to construct a customized cataract care treatment plan. Don't spend another moment with fear or apprehension about the health of your eyes. When you rely on us to diagnose and repair your cataracts, you'll quickly see why our valued clients not only return, but refer us to friends as well.

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