What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia and Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is a vision condition that occurs to many people over age 40. It’s a gradually-occurring condition that happens when the lens of your eye becomes less flexible, making it harder to focus on nearby objects. There is no way to prevent presbyopia, and it can happen to anyone…even people who have never had to wear glasses before.

Presbyopia Treatment Options

  • Prescription or non-prescription over-the-counter reading glasses
  • Bifocal glasses or contact lenses
  • Lifestyle Intraocular Lens (IOL) implants, which can also be used during cataract surgery
  • Monovision with LASIK or contact lenses (correcting one eye for near vision and one eye for distance vision)

If you are experiencing the signs of presbyopia and feel that your arms have become “too short” to allow you to read, contact Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye & Laser Centre today to learn more about your options to correct this vision condition.

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