What happens the day of my procedure?

The day of your LASIK procedure, you may feel both excited and a bit nervous. This is normal! At Cleveland Clinic Sugarbush Eye and Laser Centre, our entire team works hard to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. 


  1. Dr. Gupta will perform one last eye exam to ensure that your eye(s) are ready for surgery.
  2. A technician will take a computerized measurement (WaveScan) of your eyes.
  3. We’ll direct you to our pre-op suite, where you can relax with your family.
  4. We’ll take you to our surgical suite. The entire LASIK process will only take minutes per eye.
  5. After the procedure, you can relax in the surgical suite for as long as you like.
  6. Dr. Gupta will check you prior to you going home to relax. Then you’ll be ready to go home – make sure you have arranged transportation, as you will be unable to drive after the procedure.


  1. On the day of surgery, rest as much as possible for the remainder of the day. Limit TV viewing and reading. One eye may recover more quickly than the other, so do not be concerned if the vision or comfort is different between the two eyes. It is normal for your vision to be blurry and fluctuate for the first few weeks. During the healing phase, you may note dimming of your vision in the evening and halos around lights, which will steadily improve. The overall quality of your vision can continue to improve for 3 to 6 months.

  2. While awake, blink frequently to keep the eyes moist. Wear sunglasses outdoors for 1 week.

  3. A moderate degree of stinging, scratchiness, tearing, light sensitivity and soreness may be experienced during the first several hours after surgery. Please contact us immediately if you have pain that is not controlled by your medications. It is normal to have red spots on the white of the eye and for the eyelids to be swollen.

  4. A bandage contact lens may be applied for comfort. If it comes out, do not attempt to put it back in your eye.


  • Do not rub, scratch, touch or press on your eyes.
  • Do not apply eye makeup for one week.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 24 hours.
  • Do not scuba dive, swim or sit in a hot tub for one month.
  • Avoid getting tap water in the eyes for one week. Keep the eyes closed while showering.
  • Do not drive until cleared by the doctor. Therefore, do not drive if your vision is blurry.
  • Health Care workers should request patients without transmittable diseases for 1 week.
*No contact sports for two weeks. Polycarbonate sports goggles should be used thereafter. We highly recommend that all our patients use protective eyewear that conforms to the high impact Z-81 standards in any situation in which the eye is capable/vulnerable to injury.
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